Raelene Osma

Raelene (Lenny) is a seasoned dancer, choreographer, and pharmacist. Her dance career began at the age of 5 at the competition dance studio Dance World Academy, where she intensely trained in ballet, tap, and jazz. After high school, Raelene had the difficult choice of becoming a dance major or a pharmacy student. The difficult decision led to ultimately attending pharmacy school while continuing dance on the side. Raelene soon joined Project D Dance Company, a hip-hop competition team based in NJ, for 3 years. She later joined the Wannabes, another competitive urban dance company and continued training for another 2 years. Also throughout her college experience at Rutgers University, she was a dancer and choreographer for Rutgers Performing Dance Company. Throughout this dance journey, Raelene developed her own choreography style grounded in organic movement and musicality. Her style pulls from both hip hop and technique and has made her a unique teacher in the East Coast Dance Community. Raelene joined IMGE over the past year and now performs professionally with the company all over the tristate area while maintaining her career as a staff pharmacist in the NYC area.