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pulse magazine fall 2017 edition

Written by Gemmal Connell / September 28 2017

"Urban Indian allows Ishita to tell her own version of stories from India"

"If we can change the conversation through Art... thats very powerful"

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Written by Nina Gupta / January 22 2018

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Artistic Manifesto Feature

Written by Darren Gooden / September 28 2017

About Ishita Mili's choreography in American Bangladeshi singer Rahmaan's "Shanti" music video

“For this music video, Ishita choreographed in a unique style blending elements of Indian classical dance with urban hip-hop — a style she has created called “Urban Indian.” This specific style also reflects the blend in cultures seen in ‘Shanti’. In this video, the dancers wear an Urban take on Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance) outfits, as I dress in one white and one black kurta (male Indian dress),” explains Rahmaan.

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