Derek started dancing sophomore year of high school when he broke his leg but wanted to be a part of a school dance Ishita was organizing. He continued learning with Ishita while occasionally taking hip hop workshops. Towards the end of high school, Derek joined UFPx, a hip hop training team in NJ. He soon moved up to UFP, the competing team, and traveled with the group throughout the East Coast for various competitions. He further enhanced his training by regularly taking classes in contemporary, fusion, Indian, and urban dance in various NJ/NY dance studios and internationally. During this time, Derek became notorious for his unique style of Urban Fusion, and started choreographing for UFP and teaching in the NJ Dance Community. This led to Derek becoming Creative Director of UFP and taking the team to first place in many competitions including Defining Rhythm 2017, Prelude 2017, NGroove 2017, and Rip The Floor 2017 & 2018. As a freelance artist, Derek has presented work at National Choreography Month NYC and other showcases. He’s also worked with Sukalyann Bhattacharya, Sanskruti, Bo Belza and more. He is also an open contemporary competition choreographer at AIM Dance Academy and brought the studio to first place at USTD Atlantic City 2017 in the senior division. Throughout his dance career, Derek has worked and collaborated with Ishita and became an established figure in the local Indian dance community. In addition to UFP and IMGE, Derek is also a member of La Guardian Angels, a queer dance company based in NY/NJ. Derek aims to further develop his own style and pursue bigger opportunities.