Andrei Miasco

Andrei's dancing began at a young age when he was exposed to b-boying. It wasn't until 2012 when he joined iNSPIRED!, a local hip hop dance group, and was first introduced to the NJ Dance Community. He trained on iNSPIRED! for a 3 years, eventually becoming director for the team and competing & showcasing in various community events. Currently, Andrei is a company dancer at The Wannabes and has had the privilege to travel and perform on new stages and platforms across the East Coast and California. He has also risen to the position of dance captain of both The Wannabes and their training group, Be Team. Andrei regularly gives back through teaching guest classes in the community. Through the years, dance has constantly grown as a strong passion for Andrei, and he hopes to pursue it long term. Andrei has been on IMGE since 2017 to not only challenge himself, but also to learn Urban Indian choreography to further grow his skills alongside his friends. Andrei hopes to not only learn from everyone around him, but also to share his love for dance with his peers.