Sangeetha Santhebennur

Sangeetha (Sang) is a 21 year old versatile dancer and singer from Somerset NJ. She began dancing at age 3 with ballet. She continued her training at Dancing Shiva Performing Arts Center for 11 years. There she trained in primarily Bollywood as well as other styles including Garba, Bhangra, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary. Through her public school, Sang was introduced to commercial style dancing and was inspired to use dance as way of life instead of just a hobby. While performing in high school, she found herself with a slew of experience under her belt, including performing with Jay Sean and Juggy D. Now in college, Sang continues training with RAPS Dance Troupe, a collegiate hip-hop foundational and freestyle team. She later auditioned for IMGE and has been with the company for a year. Through IMGE, she has also worked with Sukalyann Dance Entourage and various other productions. In addition to training with these groups, Sangeetha independently trains in NYC at various studios like BDC and Brickhouse. Sangeetha has also been trained in Carnatic music for 10 years. Now, she has developed a voice and style of her own as a singer finding comfort in R&B and Neo-soul music. She is working on writing her own music and creating new projects. Sang aims to keep dancing, singing, exploring, writing, and working on new projects to eventually take her dance and music experience to the next level after she completes her college career.