Paco Valencia

Paco Valencia was born and raised in New Jersey. He was surrounded by dance and was inspired by his family's musical background all throughout his life. At the age of 15, Paco was then introduced to the New Jersey dance community through Project D's junior showcase team, Newgroundz, which eventually became Defined Movement. After two years dancing on DM, he had the opportunity to join Project D, where he trained for two years, showcasing his choreography at various shows and competitions. Now 23, Paco continues to train and work to be the best version of himself with his current team, The Wannabes. He has taught in NJ, NY, Boston and Baltimore. He now teaches his own slot at The Hive Dance Studio in New Jersey. Paco joined IMGE in 2017. IMGE goes beyond just dancing, Paco is learning to embrace a whole new culture outside of hip hop. Paco believes he's only at the beginning of his artistic journey and doesn't take any opportunities for granted.